Delivering efficient energy systems for your home!

renewable energyAt DJK we offer the finest electrical installations and renewable energy solutions to enhance your building. Delivered by our own sister companies – DJK Electricals and DJK Renewables. We give you the very best advice on a range of low-carbon technologies. Advanced LED Lighting, Heat Pumps, Solar PV and Solar Heating arrays to Biomass Boilers, Wind Generation, Voltage Optimisation and Rainwater Collection/Filtration solutions. Whichever you require, you can be sure we’ll deliver.

Renewable energy: Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells – solar panels, convert sunlight into electricity. The output of solar PV generators is measured in kilowatts peak (kWp) – the amount of energy they produce in full sunlight. It is this measurement which is used to calculate how many solar panels are required for a building.

Our systems use an inverter which converts the output to AC which is needed for domestic use. They are also connected to the grid, which allows electricity to be ‘imported’ when the system isn’t producing enough power (e.g. at night) and ‘exported’ when your system produces more electricity than you need. You can then claim Export Tariff from your electric supplier/company for any excess electricity that you export to the grid.

Please visit djkrenewables.com, our dedicated website for renewable technology

DJK Renewables do not employ salesmen. All of our face to face meetings are conducted by qualified installation personnel with years of experience in the mechanical and electrical industry. DJK are approved installers for the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

Our specialists are familiar with all technical installation issues and can advise on any specific requirements you may have.  We can tailor a bespoke renewable energy package to perfectly fit your needs.